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Today’s modern sport horse has to meet several demands. Not only the outward appearance and physical health are of great importance. Also the horse’s strength of character and well-balanced temperament are crucial factors – it should always be motivated to perform at its best.

Besides, the horse should have the ability to concentrate, and have strong nerves, which are essential in today’s riding business.

Of course it is hard to be self-critical, and being criticized by your trainer and hearing the same advice over and over again. Nevertheless, a continuous and advanced training will show the desired results. Even if it takes a lot of work and effort – this is the key to success.

You are searching for a qualified horse riding instructor who will meet these expectations?

Whether it be specified coaching, concerns about your horse or an adequate training ground: KS-Sportpferde will meet your demands at the highest level.

Convince yourself. We look forward to welcoming you, soon!

Klaus Sponagel

What we offer

Purchase and sale of horses
– Professional training for riders and horses inland and abroad
– Extensive mentoring, especially for Junior Riders
– Individual training and promotion for talented riders
– Individual mentoring and coaching at national and international championships
– Multilingual training
– Jumping analysis via video, detailed reviewing, analysis of mistakes, development of improvement strategies
– Professional championship management according to performance requirements
– KS- Sportpferde offers professional long-term management and training programs for riders with the ambition to participate in national or international championships.

Training schedule

To achieve internationally comparable records, a well-organized and structured training is of great importance. Furthermore and most importantly, the training schedule for riders must be planned extensively and should, of course, be goal-orientated. Necessary conditions for such a schedule will be created on several levels. Here, the selection of practice tournaments for intended championships are of great significance.

Training ground

Our riding facility provides ideal training conditions. The favorable transport conditions and travel connections to Frankfurt Airport and the well-connected Autobahn routes are especially convenient for foreign riders who are planning to stay in Germany for several months.



You have questions or a specific concern?

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Klaus Sponagel

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